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Product Info Page Box


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Product Info Page Box Version 1.0


This contribution will change the way that the product_info.php displays the product information. It does this by changing it in the following ways

  1. 1) Removes the standard product name and price
  2. 2) Adds a new box to the left of the product image that is just over half of the center column width
  3. 3) Removes the Attributes and the 'Add to Cart' button from below the product description and places them inside of said box
  4. 4) Adds Manufacturer information inside of box (Manufacturer, Link to Homepage, Link to Other Products)
  5. 5) Adds the following buttons:

  • Reviews - This adds a popup that will display reviews for product as well as give a button link to 'Write Review'
  • Tell a Friend - This adds a popup that will display a form the customer can fill out to email a product to a friend
  • Ask a Question - This adds a popup that is similar to the 'Contact Us' page. It includes the product name and a link to it automatically in a hidden field so that the customer does not have to

Link coming as soon as its approved!

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I am currently in the process of releasing a new version of this that will enable you to set individual items on/off via the admin configuration panel.


Until then you can edit the product_info.php file that was supplied in the version 1.1 look for lines 225-257. Change them to:


  <div class="buttonSet">
<span class="buttonActionProductInfoCart">
  echo tep_draw_hidden_field('products_id', $product_info['products_id']) . tep_draw_button(IMAGE_BUTTON_IN_CART, 'cart', null, 'primary');
 echo '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_ASK_A_QUESTION_POPUP) . '" target="_blank" onclick="$(\'#askaquestion\').dialog(\'open\'); return false;">';
 echo tep_draw_button(TEXT_ASK_A_QUESTION_POPUP, 'help');
 echo  '</a>';




Edited by EchoGuns
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Updated to version 2.0


New in this version:

  • Added configuration options to the admin panel
  • Turn on off individual buttons
  • Show/Hide Model, Stock quantity, Manufacturer Info






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Corrected and uploaded the fix to it.




Email now shows the product name and a link to the product. Just make sure you have the configuration setting "Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails" set to True.

Only two files changed and you can drag and drop them!


Also, here is a example you can view of how this box looks: http://infobox.echo-guns.com/product_info.php?products_id=28

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Good idea switching the price and model. Looks nice, although I would remove the reviews below the tabs that way you dont have them twice. What issue with the buttons were you referring to?



The buttons where not lined up correctly when I installed it. As for the reviews. I have it twice but the user can select in the admin wich one he wants. I prefere both as a customer does not need to press a button and can see at least 1 review without an action.


I'm still thinking a way to spice it up a little bit by removing the share procuct box from the left colom and implanting it on the product info page. This way there is a higher chance a user will share it

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Not sure really, just looking at it makes me think you have something in the wrong order on your product_info.php page. I think once I had something out of align and it was going to the file itself rather than doing the popup and that would automatically forward it.

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Hi EchoGuns,


Well I finaly did it. I brought the 2 contributions to 1.


If you want to see it in action here is the link. I did swith price with model. As it is more friendly. And I fix the issue with the layout of the buttons





Hi mbuist:


1) On your sample page, I see that Description, Specification, and Delivery Time are on separate tabs.


May I ask which contribution you installed for that feature?


2) If I disable the "Reivew" function, then the Review button would disappear. However, there would be a gap between the "? Question" and "Tell a Friend" buttons.


How would I fix the layout of the buttons? Is it in stylesheet.css?



Thank you for your help.

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