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Desperate for help - Checkout Problems


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I'm running a store at store.elitehfp.com. We've had some customization done, but the customization has introduced some bugs that I need some help with ASAP.


The problems all center around the checkout process. When a customer checks out, the proper order total isn't being passed to Paypal Standard or to Authorize.net SIM. (Customer's discount isn't reflected in order total). When the customer completes payment, the order doesn't show up in the admin panel, although I'm getting confirmation emails.


I've attempted a few fixes for the admin panel issue, none of them have worked. I've restored the database from a backup, de-activated some of the Order-Totals modules and reinstalled them, and scanned files for changes.


We've got SEO URLS, Discount Codes 3.1.1, One Page Checkout (fulluvscents version) and a couple of other add-ons installed. I can't overstate how critical this is, any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, it does. To clarify, on the store end, the discount appears to be working fine, the correct total just isn't passing to the payment modules.


I've installed another store and have been systematically adding the customizations to it to find the breaking point. The problem seems to be with the simple checkout, which breaks something about Paypal Express, and causes problems with the orders being entered into the DB. I haven't tested my theory with Authorize.net as of yet, just trying to get the store usable so I don't end up with any more gaping holes in my backside.

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Have got a very temporary solution in place right now, disabled the simple checkout... the three page checkout is just too many clicks, and is going to hurt conversions, I'm certain.

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Whoever did the customisation caused this .. get them back to fix it .. free of charge of course.


the three page checkout is just too many clicks, and is going to hurt conversions, I'm certain.


To my mind this is just the world gone mad!


Human beings prefer a little info at a time .. that is the proven formula and probably why osCommerce is designed as it is.


One page checkout is a large page full of info to fill out .. history made us change to small snippets and one page checkout just beggars the lessons of history.


Ajax snippets on a single page are fine, but this doesn't change the fact that it is "in fact" several pages as before but loads quicker.

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