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Truncating customer text input if not logged in first


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Puzzling question. Used OSC for over a decade and are working on an updates shop. We've got OSC set up with customer text input attributes. If a user is logged in prior to using the text input option on a product, checkout is fine. If the text input attribute is used before logging in, and then the user logs in as part of checkout, the text data is then truncated. I'm trying to find a pattern, but the amount of truncation seems to vary.


What would make it truncate if text attribute is used prior to login, but allow it to work fine if login happens first?

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Solved: Posting this just in case anyone else runs into it. With the addition of the "customer-input" of the text attribute, you also have the ability to set the length of the text input which is great, however, the customers basket attributes table has the "products_options_value_text" field set at 32, so it was truncating the text without the customer logged in. This length needs to be increased in your table if you are going to have input greater than the 32.

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