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Request: Comment Box on Products Page


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I am looking to add a unique comment box that appears on the products page that attaches to the OrderID when the order is saved. This can be independent of the comment box on the Checkout pages.


I tried making my own but am not having much luck. Is there anyone who knows how I could go about doing this?

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@Praful - the optiontype attribute seems to conflict with the attribute "Attribute Sets", so I am just looking to add a unique "comments" box just like the one on the checkout pages (i honestly don't even care if its the same comment box - i just need to be able to carry over text from the products_info page to the order.


any suggestions?

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@@DenominatorX There is another option you can try. Add extra product field contribution. I think this definitely work for you.


Thank you Praful,


I was reviewing this contribution.


1. Do you know if this contribution allows for Text Input on the products page?

2. Is there a way to put the Comments Box from the Checkout Page on the Products page? I'd like to have the same comments box on the products page that is on the Checkout pages. Whenever I try to do this, it does not carry the comments that were inputted into the box to the checkout page.

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I was actually able to implement this contribution to get what I needed:


Imprint Text Options



This contribution adds a simple text box below the product attributes that ties to the order.


The only problem I've seen thus far is:

1. if you try to add the same product (with text input) to your cart twice it will only take the latest input. So for example if you have a "custom t-shirt" for people to add text to their t-shirt, it will really only work on one order at a time.

2. If you have two products that have this assigned and try to add them both to the cart, the second item will show two input boxes. It will only take the data from the second input box at this point.

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