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Another Dumb Question About Linkpoint Module

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Hey Guys!! Well, it seems I might have a working brain after all, because I think I figured out why the linkpoint order did not hit the database. Once I confirmed that PayPal Express worked as it SHOULD, I copied both the PPE and Linkpoint Module php files into to 2 separate .txt documents and found THIS code in the PPE module but NOT in the linkpoint module:



function after_process() {

global $response_array, $insert_id, $order, $ppe_payerstatus,




$pp_result = 'Payer Status: ' . tep_output_string_protected


($ppe_payerstatus) . "\n" .

'Address Status: ' . tep_output_string_protected


($ppe_addressstatus) . "\n\n" .

'Payment Status: ' . tep_output_string_protected


($response_array['PAYMENTSTATUS']) . "\n" .

'Payment Type: ' . tep_output_string_protected($response_array


['PAYMENTTYPE']) . "\n" .

'Pending Reason: ' . tep_output_string_protected


($response_array['PENDINGREASON']) . "\n" .

'Reversal Code: ' . tep_output_string_protected




$sql_data_array = array('orders_id' => $insert_id,

'orders_status_id' =>



'date_added' => 'now()',

'customer_notified' => '0',

'comments' => $pp_result);


tep_db_perform(TABLE_ORDERS_STATUS_HISTORY, $sql_data_array);








I THINK (please tell me if I am wrong) these are the "commands" that tell the module to "create" the order in the database. Now, the million dollar question IS: HOW do I take THIS string of code (IF it is indeed, what I THINK it is) and rework it (IF that is even a possibility) to work for the linkpoint module?? Anyone care to offer a suggestion or three (lol)?

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