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MultiGeoZone MultiTable shipping modules install


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Yes I am new at this.


I am trying to install the MultiGeoZone MultiTable shipping module.

I have to set up 4 shipping tables for four different geographic zones.


I was directed to try the MultiGeoZone MultiTable module.


I have the module, but I am having an issue installing the module.


The steps are a follows:


1. Copy files from `catalog` to your osCommerce installation.

2. Import SQL file `_install_sql/INSTALL_v1.000.sql` to your DB.

3. Setup Pre-configuration from Admin -> Configuration -> MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping

4. Setup shipping Geo Zones (see "SETTING UP GEOZONES" section of the README file)

5. Install & setup module from Admin -> Modules -> Shipping -> MultiGeoZone MultiTable


I have done step one and I think I understand (in theory at least) steps 3, 4 and 5.


When it comes to step 2 - I believe I understand the theory (that it will give the Admin -> Configuration the ability to handle geozones).

But I don't know how to DO step 2.

I don't know what DB they are talking about.

I don't know where this DB is.

Finally, I don't know how to import the SQL file "INSTALL_v1.000.sql" to the DB.

Any and all help would be most welcome.


Thank you



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I have got step 2 to work (INSTALL_v1.000.sql` to your DB)


I did step 3 - Admin -> Configuration -> MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping

(the fact that there was a MultiGeoZone MultiTable Shipping option in the Configuration menu means I did step 2 right)


I did step 4 and 5 - and whene I tested I got nothing...... (sigh)


I think I went wrong with the setting up of the geozones (I have attached a screen capture of me setting up the geozones)


Any help is most welcome - thanks


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How do assign the provinces to the new zone?


When I launch "Tax Zones" menu I get the option to "Insert" a new tax zone.


I then get the options "Zone Name" and "Description".


For Zone Name I have entered in ones like "shp:EastCanada" I have added the "shp:" part so the shipping module (in step 5) will see the new zones.


For Description I have entered in the province codes. So for the "shp:EastCanada" I entered in "QC,NS,NB,NF,PE,NT" which are the provincial codes for these provinces. I then "Saved" the new zone.


There is something I am missing in this step.

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I have tried using the Continental US SQL script provided with the MultiGeoZone MultiTable download and it works!


Now I have to get the rest to work.....


I decided to use the Continental US and Eurozone SQL scripts as a guide.


for example in the US script:


INSERT INTO `geo_zones` VALUES ('', 'Shp: United States: 48', 'United States: Continental 48 states', NULL, now());

INSERT INTO `zones_to_geo_zones` VALUES ('', 223, 1, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()),

('', 223, 4, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()),

('', 223, 5, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()),

('', 223, 12, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()),

---- etc -------

('', 223, 65, last_insert_id(), NULL, now());


I assume that


'Shp: United States: 48' - will make shipping zone name.


'United States: Continental 48 states' - will make the zone's description


('', 223, 1, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()), - 223 = Country code for the United States and the 1 is the state code (in this case Alabama (AL).


With these assumptions I made a script for Western Canada (AB, SK, MB, ON and YT)


Here is the script:


INSERT INTO `geo_zones` VALUES ('', 'Shp: Canada West : 5 ', 'Western Canada: AB SK MB ON YK', NULL, now());

INSERT INTO `zones_to_geo_zones` VALUES ('', 38, 1, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()),

('', 38, 3, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()),

('', 38, 9, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()),

('', 38, 12, last_insert_id(), NULL, now()),

('', 38, 13, last_insert_id(), NULL, now());


38 = Canada

1 = AB, 3 = MB, 9 = ON, 12 = SK, 13 = YK


I run this script and it did show in the "Tax Zones" menu.

And it appeared in the MultiGeoZone MultiTable shipping module.


But when testing the module - when the test address was a US one it worked perfectly.

When the test address was an Ontario (ON) one or Alberta (AB) nothing in the shipping module appears.


Any ideas?

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Got it and it works.


I was thinking that since I defined the country as Canada, then the zone setting of 1 would be AB (Alberta - alphabetically the first province), well it don't work that way....

but I did figure it out.

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