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The e-commerce.

Categories / Products not showing

Luis Henriques

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Just installed ver 2.3.2 for the first time.

Through the administrator area I managed to change country, logo, owner address, language, etc.

Accessing the Categories / Products area on the Catalog tab, I saw several categories allready there, as demo.

I added one category and everything desapeared from the administrator page.

I checked the online store and the new category is there.

Back to the administrator area, a couple more categories and subcategories were added, none of them showing in the administrator page.

I added a new product and, again, I cannot see the demo and the new products.


On the site I have all the demo and new categories and products but in the administrator area I have Categories:0 Products:0


Any help, please?



Luis Henriques

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Hello George


I have portuguese language in the front side.

I tried to add the language to the admin but nothing worked, showing a function required error for the file portugues.php (but it was there).


So, I tryed to add only the portugues.php to the admin and, at startup, when a lot of functions missing show up again, I just choose english on the login screen and from there I manage to work OK, until the moment I tried to add some categories and products.


Do I need to remove the portuguese language? That away all my shop will be shown in English...


Thanks for your help


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lets make clear:


- what languages do you have installed in admin side?

- what languages on front side?

- do you have 2 input fields for product/category name in admin? One for english and one for Portuguese? Do you populate them both?

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Thanks for your support


I have installed english and portuguese on the front side. English is not activated in order to have the store only in portuguese.

The admin side has only english.


As I have only portuguese activated on the front side, products only have one input for portuguese.


I am sorry if I am not clear but this is my first tyme with OSCommerce.




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Following is happening:


Say english has id = 1 and portuguese id = 2


When you enter a new product name, it goes to the DB with language id = 2. That is fine for the front side, because it look for language id = 2, since you have only portuguese there


At the same time, the admin look to find products with language id = 1. It can't find any, so it don't display anything


The queries in the admin files are setup in that way, not to return anything if the name is missing, same happens for categories


You can try following:

- go to a product in front side and check the products_id in the url

- now go to your admin and type into the url [domain.com/adminfolder/]categories.php?pID=123&action=new_product

(123 is the products id you found)


Do you get anything on the screen?

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Luis, calm down :)


I don't think you need to reinstall anything.


What happened with adim and you can't enter? Are you doing any modifications the same time?


Can you say one more time what problems you had with installing the language?

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Hello again


After a new installation of the portuguese language in BOTH the front store and in the admin area, everything is OK.

I can access the admin area again, without any error.


It should have something missing during the language installation.

I can see now the previous categories and products I add, and the store is in Portuguese.

Everything is perfect now.


Thanks for your help and patience.


best regards,


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