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Issues with product image


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Hi everyone,


I have some issues with my product image and the way the paged is layed out. The categories list is overlapping my image and I would like to "widen" the amount of space around the image. I know the image is too big for this page so I would like the image to be displayed as a smaller one, but when clicked to "pop out", it would expand to its original size.


Is there also a way to have the product description under the image instead? Also doesn't seem keep the same spacing and formatting as I entered it (skipping lines).


Here is my page: http://www.jeboaquarium.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=38_44&products_id=73


Thanks in advance.

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In osc version 2.3.2 you really need to add the same image twice when creating a product. Once as a small image, and again as the large image. In an ideal world you should use two different sized images, one smaller than the other. Once that is done you can alter the image size in your product_info.php file by changing the following code. (this may have been altered from the original)


Your image is 800x532 pixels which may be too large.


<script type="text/javascript">

$('#piGal ul').bxGallery({

maxwidth: 300,

maxheight: 300,

thumbwidth: <?php echo (($pi_counter > 1) ? '60' : '0'); ?>,

thumbcontainer: 300,

load_image: 'ext/jquery/bxGallery/spinner.gif'




Then you need to add an image thumbnailer which can be found in the add ons area.


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Then you need to add an image thumbnailer which can be found in the add ons area.


I am running my first trials on the KISS thumbnailer. It works great. You only need to upload one large image to the 'small image' location. It thumbnails it in product listing and product info.

Simple to install. Only con I see is the border around your image if it is not square. On product info it can be made to blend in with the page background. On product listing every other product will not blend.

Did I mention simple to install?



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