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Order process email notification


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Hi Praful, thank you for directing me to this addon. The email confirmations look much nicer - however I have no options in the admin - not able to choose anything

I installed it on 2.3.1 is there something missing?

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The UHtml Email works great, I have not yet been able to make it work completely in dual languages - it stops working at checkout_process.php in the additional language (I get a blank page but the order confirmation comes through with the template). It works fine in english. I am still not able to see the options in admin, so I just changed the look of the default template - it works.


I have looked at Mail Manager - I am a bit reluctant since it adds additional stuff in the database - and it does not say if it works in 2.3.1 - maybe I'll test it on a fresh install when I have time.

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I need it to work in swedish as well, I made a copy of all the english files files and called them swedish. Everything works until I get to checkout_process.php I get a blank page? Right now in checkout_process.php I added this per installation instructions.


//--- Beginning of addition: Ultimate HTML Emails ---//

if (EMAIL_USE_HTML == 'true') {

require(DIR_WS_MODULES . 'UHtmlEmails/Green/checkout_process.php');

$email_order = $html_email;

}else{//Send text email

//--- End of addition: Ultimate HTML Emails ---//


Not sure how to solve this?

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I figured it out:) Note to self: do not program when tired.


Thank you again Praful for pointing me in the right direction, this contribution was very easy to install.

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