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The e-commerce.

Help! Hosting company mandatory move to php 5.3 - My shops are custom and I have several! What do to?


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I used oscommerce 2.2 for a number of my websites, and I have modified a number of them heavily. Now, my hosting company is forcing us from php 5.2 to php 5.3. I have heard "oh, just upgrade to oscommerce 3.0 and you'll be good". I don't think this is feasible without breaking a bunch of stuff, as I have a number of custom modifications throughout the years on many of these. What should I do? I don't want to spend hours on each and every single site! Help!

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There is NO v3.x osCommerce at this time. So, that option is out.


The latest stable version is 2.3.1. If you are using v2.2 RC2a, you can update those sites to 2.3.1 by following the update guide found in the download. Alternatively, you can update all of the core code deprecated functions by using THIS contribution and then correct the additional functions for the contributions as the errors occur.


OR, you can re-create all of your sites with v2.3.1


In any case, you have a lot of work ahead of you.





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My host moved my 2.2 store to php5.3 and i was in a panic as you are. After altering the core code as already mentioned, i had a few deprecated errors. I found the answer on how to rectify these in these forums, as someone else has been there as well. Those i could not find, i found by googling the error. One day later and i had the site working as it did, and with no errors.


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I was in a blind panic over this, but as said above follow the main core-file update guide, then update the add - ons - As I changed my add-ons I documented the changes in a post on the forum - should be easy to find.


But as a note - Im now preparing a 2.3.1 site in slow time for when PHP 2.4 rolls out (sometime) as I understand that this will "Break" 2.2 stores.

Now running on a fully modded, Mobile Friendly 2.3.4 Store with the Excellent MTS installed - See my profile for the mods installed ..... So much thanks for all the help given along the way by forum members.

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