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The e-commerce.

Last column cut


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Your product names are longer in english and your template don't wrap them into a given width


Result is that the columns are pushed to the right


About how to solve this, best is you ask the template maker

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Actually, I'm surprised because I checked, and anyway I'm limited to a certain number of charatcters.

I even modified (locally) this amount in the database the product_name field to 256 characters, and put a very long name in the french name of a product, and the result is still the same.

Appears good in french, even with a very long name, and cut in english.

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Ok, I will submit this to the template creator.


But just buy curiosity, could you explain to me why it doesn't happen in the french language, even when I put a longer name in one of the products.

Thank you.

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I come back with this matter because I found anotre problem with the long names.

So I put a lon name on purpose on one of my items.


As you can see on the first picture (new products.jpg), on "new products", the name appears very good.

When I click on the product (picture 2 product.jp^g), a part of the name is missing. I only see the beginning and the end.

Thanks for any help.



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Have no idea what is happening just a few observations.


The font on the 2nd image Jpg is a lot bigger in the 2nd Jpg ... why??


The manufacture info does not display correctly on 2nd jpg(image) why??


The buttons etc are different they will not fit in the modified template

I do not think the problem is with the languages it is with the the appearance in product info of the different languages pages you must get them to look the same


I believe in admin you can disable extra info ie: manufacture etc on product_listing.php and possibly on product_info.php I would first do this as something is knocking the page out of alignment to test.


I believe your french/belgium language files must have been modified so would suggest using a compare utility http://winmerge.org/ or something similar to check

Best of luck


To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.


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I don't see that the font is bigger in the second picture.

Regarding the manufacturer, it doesn't display at all in the "product_info" page.

Only in the product listing of "product_new".

And it's goio for me like this.


My only problem, is that every line of the title of the product is cropped on the "product_info" page.

and it's like this in all languages.


They are ok on the the "index" page and "product_new" page.


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I updated the online site, so we can see the problem live.


So the site is http://www.lejoaillier.be

If you go to http://www.lejoaillier.be/products_new.php, you will see it's the first in the list.

It's a test item I, put.

It's the earrings added on Friday 03 august, 2012.

So in the new products page, it appears very good.

But if you click on it http://www.lejoaillier.be/product_info.php?products_id=382, everything is cropped.

The name of the product, and the description as well.


Thank you.

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