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Extra Product Fields, Quick Question :)


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I am trying to apply the contribution "Extra products fields" (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7810)


Basicly, it adds extra products fields to your products so you can filter your catalog with dropdowns or text field.



The problem I am facing is that when I create a new product field and name it say "Vehicle Make" (its an auto parts store) I cant add actual "values" to them such as "Honda", "Acura", "Toyota"... The values for "Vehicle Make"



The instructions say that this is what I need to do:


Field creation and modification is done using the extra_fields.php file. The actual fields are created in the products_description database file and the data for the individual products is stored there. Information about the fields is stored in the extra_product_fields, extra_field_labels, extra_field_values, and extra_value_exclude data base files.


Anyone knows what does that mean? How do I add values to my products fields?? When I go to category/products in admin, I dont get the option to add values, just pick. And the dropdown gives me zero options...


Anyone ever used this contribution? Anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong??

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The YMM contribution is EXACTLY what I need, infact, I am trying to make the "extra product field" contribution look exactly like the "YMM" contribution u just showed me.


The reason I can't use the YMM contribution, is because when I select a filter, it filters the catalog, but when I change categories, (say i go from brake pads into alternators) I loose filtration, so when i go to alternators, i see ALL alternators i have. Basicly, i need a permanent filter, that will filter the entire catalog until the customer leaves my site or clicks on "reset" or something.


Would you know how I can make those changes to the YMM contribution? I tried to pass the variables to the categories links, but it didn't work :(


Are u familiar with the YMM contribution? Would you be able to help me out??


Do u know maybe another contribution that could work for me??


Thank you steve!

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