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Is there a contribution or such to allow for a SEARCH BY box, whereby we can list a range a values to search products for?


For example -


Search by Price Range


£00 - £100

£101 - £200

£201 - £300 etc


Or Search by Color?



Green etc


I see this a lot on websites and would image it would be pretty useful for end users... especially if you have a wide selection of goods.


An example of what I'm looking for is http://www.directstoves.com/


On the left they have their categories, manufacturers... then stoves listed by price, stoves listed by output.



Any ideas if there's such a thing for OSC2.3?


Thank you :)

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I think what you are asking for is called "filtering".


So a person makes a search, then narrows it down to try to find what they want. Let's take the example that you sell "widgets". Widgets come in a variety of colours and range from £1 to £1000.


I search your site for "widget" and get 200 results. now I can filter to narrow down those 200 to show me only red wdigets. Result is 20 red widgets. Now I narrow down the search to show me only red widgets below £50. This gives me 4 results. I can now sort those 4 widgets by price, to select the one I want.


make sense?


To achieve this you need some type of product specification addon. @@kymation wrote a good one, which is coded well and is usable in this manner.


Here is similar at my blog, but this is for "special offers" and not for general searching http://www.clubosc.com/filtering-and-sorting-specials.html - note that as this is for specials only, I did not need to use a specifications addon, as 99% of that is just done using osC native functions. But it gives you the idea of what I'm thinking you need, to see if you also think it's what you need. So, instead of special offers, imagine you made a search and those 4 or 5 specials were the result of the search. Now you get to filter and sort them.

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