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The e-commerce.

A problem with the customer orders information on the website


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I have asked it before but never received an answer, I would really appreciate any information regarding these problems, thank you.


1) In the admin side of the website when someone orders something there is a comment place, where I can send him updates of his order. When I add information on his order and check the notify costumer box, the customer does not receive an email about that information.


2) The second problem I noticed is that the customer has no information about his orders on the website. I logged into my account and there was written that I have no previous orders even though I have ordered a few things (each time I check the website).


I hope I was understandable..

Does anyone know what might be the problem?

Thank you very much


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1. It's very hard to say for sure. If you add a comment and/or click notify, if it updates on the admin site, then the email should be sent. Did you check your email options in your configuration? Send E-Mails should be set to true. I have these settings in my shop:


E-Mail Transport Method = sendmail

E-Mail Linefeeds = LF

Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails = false

Verify E-Mail Addresses Through DNS = false

Send E-Mails = true



2. Place an order on your site, then check if that order shows up in your admin side. If it does show on the admin, then your order should also show under order history when you login on the catlog side. When you log in to the shop from the catlog side, do your other details show up, addresses, name etc...??

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Thank you for your answer.

I have the smae setting except for the HTML sending emails (that was on true).

The information does stay on the admin side of the website it just doesn't get to the customer. Not on the website in the history and not via emails.


I can see the contact information on the website but not the order history ...

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I have found the problem with the order history. In localization --> order status there was as option of checking a box for the customer to see the information.

Now the only thing that isn't working is the emails.


Thank you any how!

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