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creating new fields


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I can not understand the below statement at all. Or, can I understand the attributes. So, I want to create about three new fields and do away with the attributes.


Can anyone explain the below statement, and give step by step instructions for creating fields (1. upc) (2. size) (3. color) and (4. add_to_description [my description comes to me from my suppliers, but sometimes I have something I'd like to add to it. It would be must faster if I could add it in another column and that column will dump it right beneath the description when taken to the site.])



// ** products table **

// Lets say you have added a field to your "products" table called (where's the product" table?)

// "products_upc". The header name in your import file will be

// called "v_products_upc". Then below you will change the line

// that looks like this (without the comment double-slash at the beginning):

// $custom_fields[TABLE_PRODUCTS] = array(); // this line is used if you have no custom fields to import/export


// TO:

// $custom_fields[TABLE_PRODUCTS] = array( 'products_upc' => 'UPC' );


// If you have multiple fields this is what it would look like:

// $custom_fields[TABLE_PRODUCTS] = array( 'products_upc' => 'UPC', 'products_restock_quantity' => 'Restock' );


// ********************************



Samuel B. Allen


Thanks for not spamming the forum

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That code is from the easy populate contribution. It won't create a new field in the database. It just allows you to manipulate an existing field.

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