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PayPal Website Payments Pro Hosted Solution (Official)


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Now have this contribution perational (I think) on live shop. I found one definite coding error. there is a misprint/error in the replacement file

/admin/orders.php that causes fatal failure on osCommerce 2.2 based systems when the orders from a particular customer are listed. It is as follows.


Around line 379 in that file is a database query including the field "o.cc_expire" which does not exist. The correct version of the field is "o.cc_expires" - which is indeed correctly used elsewhere in the file.

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if the the command below was moved to the checkout success page would that be better ? would the cart empty at the end on the payment instead???

in 2.2.


The cart reset happens in after_process() in includes/modules/payment/paypay_hss.php line 360:




Remove this and the cart will never empty. So not recommended at the moment :)


Stock is updated in before_process() so the qty field will be adjusted if they pay or not.


This to me seems all wrong. Wouldn't it be better to update stock and empty the customers basket when the IPN comes back from paypal?

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Hi all, I installed this module but I am having an issue with it, when a customer choose's to ship to an alternate address this doesn't update on the oscommerce site, which results us sending the customers order to the wrong address. Is there a way in which we can either fix this problem or maybe remove the option of shipping to an alternate address?


Thanks in advance

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I have a working version (in testing) of the PayPal WPP – 3D Secure module (addons.oscommerce.com/info/7280), but I’m a bit wary of implementing because the ongoing cost of PCI compliance seems a tad heavyweight.


Does anyone know if this solution works with 3D Secure (using Cardinal Centinel)? There doesn’t seem to be a way of interrupting the flow to pass the captured payment details through the 3DS process.


As an aside, there doesn’t seem to be great coverage of 3DS, have many installations adopted it?


Many Thanks

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I have been using PayPal Website Payments Pro Hosted for over a year without issue and the other day it simply stopped working. I receive a debug email which states..........


Can anyone point me in the right direction please to resolve this?
Many thanks in advance.

You will never learn if you don't try. And boy am I trying....!

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Hi all, 

I'm using this on a modded 2.2 site. Everything is fine but the order comments I receive from the customer are being cut off.  I will not get more than one line of text in the comments.  Usually the customer types multiple lines of text because the comments are used on every order this store receives.  Thanks for any help!



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