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PayPal Website Payments Pro (Payflow Edition) - Direct Payments


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When I choose the option (PayPal Website Payments Pro (Payflow Edition) - Direct Payments) in my admin area it appears that it is setup for a UK based payment system.


I was told by Paypal that I need to use the "Payflow Edition" for Website Payments Pro and this is the only one I found.


I have also been doing some searching and found people are having issues using this UK edition in the U.S. because it asks for information our cards over here don't have and those fields are apparently required fields.


Is there a U.S. version of Paypal Payflow that I can use?

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Okay finally got this figured out.


If anyone has an issue with their Website Payments Pro not working here is what was wrong with mine.


Everything on my end was fine, I could process paypal payments (Paypal express) and Website Payments Pro payments in the sandbox. I switched over my configuration settings to my "live" API credentials and I could only process paypal express payments, standard credit card purchases were not processing.


After a couple of hours with paypal, one of the tech's noticed that a "toggle switch" on my Paypal account (that I do not have access to) was not set to live. It was something related to my accounts because of the way I have my accounts setup. And even though all my accounts were processed, approved, and activated. Someone failed to flip that switch.


The guy I was working with switched that toggle (as he called it) and I ran a test sale and it went through fine.


Just goes to show you there can always be some little thing that slows down progress. Thankfully paypal has knowledgeable people that are actually willing to help. I have always been impressed calling them, I didn't expect to get that kind of interest from them.

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