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Problem with umlauts UltimateSeoUrls5PRO_r205


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Hello, my advance english is only as good as google allows it. However, I have big problems with the umlaut, and ask for help!


So the url generated have strange characters, including the link can not be accepted, what can I do to correct the umlauts are gebiltet and these are then called for the URL's?


Used osc 2.3.1, USU5 was installed and the default settings leave, other than multi-Languare is true. I've also copied to the directory "/ includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/includes/character_conversion /" the english.php from the USU5 source.

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You need to check 2 things


- is your language same as the filename of folder /character_conversion/ ? If eg you have language german, then you need also a file character_conversion/german.php, for swahili you need character_conversion/swahili.php etc


- is there a coversion for the charecters in question in the file? Eg, for your english.php, is character ü converted to ue ? You need to open the file and check this

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Hello and thank you, so I'm in the directory:

"/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/includes/character_conversion/german.php" (no more)


and osc directory: "/includes/languages​​/" german.php and also english.php. With German as a standard. Furthermore, there are also sub-directories in the local language.


Another thing I also tried the special characters directly in the "Enter special character conversions" (configuration) ala ä =>ae etc. enter, not even this works

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