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The e-commerce.

Lack of orders. for years,!


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Hi Guys,


My site builder disapeared leaving me lost after paymant made.


Voila ...


My problem at the moment is as follows; I have seen on the 'who's on-line' box that there is always people on my site, as visitors, which I assume is people looking at the site, there are many different lines of numbers , letters and symbols in the lines, one included the entry ( shopping cart) and ended with en, which I suspect indicates an english client, as other lines ended in us and included the dollar sign. is this naieve ?.


However in the 7 years of having bthe site I have made 4 sales and all have not been notified to me from the site when people have bought, the discovery of a customer seems to have been a fortunate co-incidence in all cases. I suspect therefore that there is a problem on the site!! which bI a unabgle to solve due to total ignorance of computer operating or web site construction.


Question, at last... is ( if there is somebody looking at my site, as detailed on the ' who's on-line' box, does this mean that this could be a buyer, who I am not picking up, if and when he/she places an order, who are these browsers to my site really likely to be, or could be ?.)I have cut the page concerned and added below. as an example.What can I learn from this, how can I use this information to reach potential customers, indeed can I??.

Would be eternally grateful for any advice/help with this problem.


Cordially Chris



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The best way to track site visitors behavior is google analytics, the "who's online" isn't a big help in anything. It's easy to add and will let you understand - well, guess - what people do on your site, how many they are, where they come from etc.


Regarding order notifications, you need to enter a email address in admin into field "send extra emails", that is under "my store"


I did a test checkout (so I'm customer #5 in 7 years !), took the money transfer payment option, but didn't got any bank details to where to transfer the money. I don't know if paypal etc is setup correctly


As a side note, looking at your store I can understand why nobody is buying. It's setup and "designed" in such a way, that I would not spend any money on it, all that is done is to through in some colors and the "dynamenu", the rest is stock osCommerce look of the past years


If you paid for this, then I don't know what to say, if you did it your self, then you need to put more effort into it. For example, you need good images, so that people can see how the stamps look like, not?


All in all, this would be maybe a good chance to start over with a new fresh store, based on the latest version and build correctly from ground up

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It looks amateur, which is the most likely reason why people are not buying from you. Would I buy from your shop, I think not.


Those entries in your whos_online list are most likely search engine bots.


I think you are UK based, so where's your cookie policy?

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Thank you for responding to G Burton and George Zarkadas, you George, thank you for the test order, it came through O K, which may mean that people are not using the site correctly, you made some interesting comments, as I stressed in my origonal e mail, I am not a computer programer neither do I understand about such things, thats why I paid somebody to do the job, aparently not very well !!.

Oh dear, what to do next, yes I did pay a lot of money for this bag of crap, but I would like to have a better site that sells, so George, you sound as though you know what you are doing, so what would you propose?.


If you wish you may correspond through my e mail, [email protected] as it would be easier and quicker, if you are interested in assisting me.


Kind regards Chris

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Hi Burt,


What the hell is a cookie policy???, as stated I paid somebody to do a job, I ended up with this........

no I am based in the Maltese islands. I suppose that as the site was 'built' in 2005 it would look perhaps dated,

my querry was in fact about the function of the site, other issues would naturaly follow on......


Regards Chris

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so what would you propose?.


What I would do is, to start over with a new website. There is nothing worth to be kept from your existing site, any attempt to correct it would cost more effort than to create a new one.


Only part to keep would be your products, in case you want to keep the same category structure, this can be done


Regarding cookies, here are 2 discussions in the forum here about this first | second

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