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How to configue my website t send items description to PayPal?


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Hi All,


I have configured my website to work with PayPal Website Payment Standard and it works.


The problem is that instead of items list my website send the name of my website.

I have checked this matter with payPal and they told me that the reason is in the configuration of my website and what it send to PayPal.


So I am asking you guys if maybe someone knows what do I need to configure on my website that it will send the item name to PayPal and NOT the website name.


Thank you in advance for you help.



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Hmmm Thank you Chris. However, I am a little (very) new to Oscommerse and know nothing on programming (although have some brain left...)


Could you please tell me what to do with the file or files before I open the zipped file and do something irreversible...:-)


Thanks again,



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The download contains installation instructions. I believe there are 2 files to edit. So, using your FTP client, locate and download the file(s) to your local machine. Then use a text editor such as Notepad++ or Editplus+ and make the code changes described in the instructions. After that, using your FTP client again..upload the edited files to your server. Both of the aforementioned text editors will automatically create a backup of the original file on your local machine should an error occur with the edited file.



That's it !




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