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Saying Hello & Help for a newbie


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Hi there, for the past couple of years we have owned & maintained an online shop selling Scalextric cars & spare parts (www.slotcity.co.uk) using OScommerce, i have found this to be very user friendly especially for a techo phobe like myself. We are looking to upgrade the server package and wanted to double check that there will be no compatability issues. I've been looking around the admin side of the website to try and find which version of OS commerce we are using. The website was built around 15years ago buy its previous owner. Also need to know if there are any compatability issues as my webhost is saying that some software do not support PHP 5.3. Any help would be appreciated.

I'll also be looking to liven the site up a little as the colour scheme / design is a little drab. Is it possible to do this with the current software package or will this need upgrading to a more recent version.

Many thanks Sean

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You can find out the version you use in file catalog/includes/application_top.php, close to the top there is a line saying "define the project version"


However, the sure thing is that you have a very old version of osCommerce in use, that is not compatible with PHP 5.3 for sure and it's missing of course all of the security, functionality and design improvements of the latest version.


There is of course a way to upgrade, but to be honest, I don't think it is worth. First because the process is quite complicated and second because the result will be a "hybrid" store, not really version 2.3.1


Regarding design, what you have now is the default look of the older osCommerce versions, no offense please, but that never looked really good and now it looks outdated too


Best way to go would be to start over with a new store as follows:


- Install the latest osCommerce version (2.3.1)

- Transfer over the parts of the old database you want to keep, like products, orders, customers. This is not a plain import, but not that hard to do

- copy over the existing images folder

- Add to the store any addons you need, they may not be exactly the same as what you have now, there was a progress in this too

- Design your store, either your self, or hire someone, or use any of the existing design tools, there are free and commercial available, good topics in this forum, some blogs with tips and tricks, an ebook etc. Even the stock theme will look better than what you have now

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