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The e-commerce.

URL in browser is different to one in HTML code


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Hi, all


I am trying to integrate mobile version of the site in (using iosc_3 contribution) and I have rather weird problem. HTML for the page shows correct link, but browser prepends the links with another cpy of domain name, making link invalid.

Here is page:


Let's tlook at link for "Home".

HTML code is correct (view page source from browser), pointing the link to "


However browser thinks that link is in fact to:



Any idea why browser builds wrong link?




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Found the problem.

address in <href> should start with "http://". Anything else will be assumed to be path from the webserver root, not an absolute path.

Now just have to figure out why absolute path is not generated, but that should be easy.



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Your configure.php files should define HTTP_SERVER as http://www.hatsfromoz.com.au and DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG as /catalog/. You have an extra / in your paths somewhere that is giving you a // in the path -- that should be fixed. This guide: http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/topic/193738-a-guide-to-the-configurephp-files/ is still reasonably relevant.

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