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How do I align a table a certain number of pixels in from the left.


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I have tried to do this using hspace="an amount" and this does get the result I want in Chrome and safari but not in IE or Firefox.


I am trying to move a table (product options drop down) in product_info.php so that it aligns where I want it and not either in the standard left, center or right options.


Does anyone know how I would achieve what I have tried to show in the image below. (I have used 100px as the figure as an example)




Cheers to anyone who looks.

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<table style="margin-left:100px;">


That will move the table 100px to the right of its container. You should look up css positioning on google. If you need to really control exactly where the element goes lookup absolute positioning.


It's of course better to create a class in your stylesheet instead of using the inline styles.


Hope that helps a bit!


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