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What is the best way to Update oscomerce


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Hi everyone,

I have a new installation. So no previous records or any info in the database.

I have a template which didNOT come stand alone and comes bundled with 2.2rc2a . I want to retain the template with 2.3.1. What is the best way to update ? i'm looking for a full blown 2.3.1 installation.


I have 2 things in mind

  1. Do a diff between the stock 2.2rc2a and the version that comes with the template to generate a patch which has all the changes the template has made and then apply the patch to 2.3.1. Ofcource, resolving any collisions and doing it manually if required. In this we are applying the template to 2.3.1 version
  2. Do a diff between the 2.2rc2a stock and the 2.3.1 stock which will give me the patch to update a 2.2 version to 2.3.1 and apply the patch to my template. In this we are updating the template itself.

Which of the above 2 methods is better and will have less collisions and less manual stuff.. Or is there any better way of doing this?


From what i understand 2.2 can't be fully updated because 2.3.1 uses a different database structure. But my database is empty so that won't be a problem. So in this case can we update it to a full 2.3.1 installation?

Sorry for the long post :)

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The db differences are not a major issue the real "problem" is that 2.2 and 2.3.1 have totally different file structure.


The easiest way would probably just be to start off fresh with a brand new 2.3.1 install and then just re-create the wanted template design.


(There is a upgrade document for 2.2RC2a in the 2.3.1 download, but it will not give a "full" 2.3.1 version, it will keep the 2.2 file structure but give you the security and compatibility features from 2.3.1)

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Hi @@toyicebear,

Thanks for your reply. I just realized that both the methods were impossible as in both cases tThere were hundreds of files that had differences and i am now looking at recreating the template in 2.3.1. What are the important files I should be looking at?

I have the CSS files from the template and the PSD files. But again the CSS file structure the template uses(7 different files) is different from the 1 file only stock structure.

I will try to merge it anyway.


But what other files influence the design ?


There are differences in the include files as expected but there are also differences in the files in the root directory like account.php,product_info.php etc. Do these files effect the look as well ?

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All catalog files in the root directory effect the template design and layout. If you have a commercial template that you purchased online, you may want to see if it is available in v2.3.1. That would save time and money. If not, you could have your template re-created for you by someone with more experience.





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No template update for the 2.3.1. Instead they offered to do the update from 2.2 to 2.3.1 as given in guide. But that wouldn't make it a full 2.3.1. So i declined. I could do that my self anyway. I purchased it so getting it redesigned from scratch would waste the investment. i started looking into the files. I think i can make it. Thanks for the reply.


Just correct me if i am wrong the root directory files effect the layout of specific pages like checkout, register pages etc.

AND the general stuff like the categories,Manufacturers panes on the left the Title bar etc are edited in the includes right?

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If you want your new store to be truly 2.3.1, you will have to roll your own theme (using your purchased one as a guide, but not necessarily using any code from it). The 2.2 store (and its theme) are going to be table-driven layout, while 2.3.1 is largely CSS-driven layout. Upgrading from 2.2 to 2.3.1 will give you an awkward hybrid, a table-driven sort-of 2.3.1. If there was new functionality in the template (not just a pretty layout), you might be able to integrate that code, or at least its principles, into a 2.3.1 store. You paid for it, so as long as you don't resell it without permission, that should be OK. If you do the work (and a good job on it), maybe you can even sell the 2.3.1 version back to your template seller!

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