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Whats up guys,


I am almost ready to launch my website.


Is there anyway to go from the subcategories page directlly to the page with the product decription and the large pop up pictures. The whole buy now, results page seems unecessary and also takes forever to load.


2) How can I change shipping, privacy and conditions page text using filezila and notepad++ everytime I try and reupload I get some parse error thing.


3) A simple way to make images Links in your store or If I cant make links A simple way to change where it says there are no products in this categorie to text with names and addreses.


Thanks you guys so much I am almost ready to make this website public any and all help will be greatly apprecieated.

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1) I'm not sure what you're asking. Please clarify.


2) Most likely you are forgetting to escape apostrophes in your text (don't should be don\'t). These files aren't going anywhere near "Word", are they? That will corrupt your text with "Smart Quotes".


3) I'm not sure what you are asking. There is an "add-on" somewhere for multiple pictures of a product, but that might not be it.

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Those pages are found in the /includes/languages/english/ directory as:









define('TEXT_INFORMATION', 'replace this text but don't change the single quote marks. yes you can but HTML tags here for formatting');






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Yo thanks so much guys check my link and any feedback with the OS store is appreciated I am gonna be working on it all night and plan on Launching tommorow or this weeked.



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I know I need to work on resizing thumbnails so tonight is all about getting pictures up. And also trying to change those three pages of conditions, privacy and shipping. Is there a suggested way of generating a high quality thumbnail for the store should I use one of these free web resizers


Thnaks again

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Yo man @@DunWeb it worked I know what to do sweet man hay bro do you know where I can change the text for products like instead of it sayin "There are no products available in this category." I want to have different addresess when you click on each image. Where are those files located ??


Thanks so much

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