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The e-commerce.

feedback on my site please


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I use oscommerce 2.3


I get quite a few visitors but not many buy anything on my site


I am trying everyday to improve it


Just wondering if I could get some feedback on it please


the site is www.irhmedia.co.uk





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1) Your cookies and sessions are not set up correctly


2) You should install an SEO URL's contribution for better SE indexing


3) You have 5 external links but those sites don't contain backlinks


4) You have layout issues on this page: http://irhmedia.co.uk/shopping_cart.php? The free shipping image is pushing the buttons to the right.


5) There is no SSL certificate installed. I personally would NOT enter my private information into an insecure form, therefore I wouldn't expect my customers to either.


6) This text "Call us today 01268 420854 or click on the green live chat button below on the right hand side" Wraps to the second line pushing the header down.


7) You have a navigation bar on the top right of the page (Home, New Products, FAQ etc etc etc) that is NOT visible using FF 12 without scrolling to the right.




There are MANY amateur mistakes on that website as well as the linked osCommerce sites on the right column. I suggest you take the time to learn more about osCommerce before beginning any new ventures.






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Hi Chris


I have taken the 5 external links off as they back link to my website


I have also taken out the free shipping image in the shopping_cart.php page


I have also installed a seo url add on


The SSL side of it, I use PayPal and have got a trustwave trusted commerce certificate with them and is displayed on my website


The cookies and sessions part, I am looking at now


The text part about the call us today bit, I have sorted out apart from when someone is logged in it still wraps to the second line so am still looking into that bit


and the nav menu in firefox I am looking at as well to get fixed

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Had a quick look at your site. It looks as if you have designed a site to fit with the standard oscommerce colours and design. If you like the look and think that your customers will, then leave it alone.


You have added nice +- buttons to some pages. Why not add the +- buttons also to the product information pages.


All of your side boxes have a thin blue border apart from the top one on the right hand side. You really should keep the look consistent.


On your product info pages you have a great ugly image about free delivery. Why not add that to the footer or header. Also the ugly great back button doesn’t fit with the look. Why not add a back button to the other buttons, or add the previous next buttons to the product page to allow customers to browse more products.


Some of your product images look very poor, and the thumbnails are huge. I was looking at the board games area. The pictures look really amateurish compared to other websites.


On your shopping cart page the lower buttons do not line up. I am using ie9 as most of your customers probably are.


On one of the links in your footer you go to a website offering seo services. I will not comment on your seo as you are obviously fully aware what should be done. Now all you have to do is to do it.


If you genuinely have your stated stock quantities you do need to make some sales to shift that lot. Surely starting at a lower level would allow you to have more money for offline advertising and promotion. Though keeping almost 500 of every item seems very high for someone who works from home. Customers will see through tricks like this.


Overall the site has a mixture of types of products, which may be good or bad. Some of these products can be easily found at other sites for a fraction of the cost. What is bad is the general styling of the site and it looks very unprofessional. This may put customers off. What probably puts customers off is the high delivery costs. Have you installed recover cart sales to see what people have added to their carts and then cancelled the process. Do you send emails to people that have cancelled the process to find out why.


The SSL already mentioned may be putting some people off, but I think there is probably more to lack of sales than that. You seem to want to have a go at doing everything all at once without having any specialist skills in any one area. Stick at doing one thing at a time. Website design, website sales, marketing and promotional leaflets. What next.


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Hi Steve


Thank you for the feedback


Sorry for the late reply, was working through your list trying to improve my website


I took the ugly free delivery image out on the pages it was on, I added the blue border round the box on the top right


The lower buttons in the shopping cart page, I am trying to work out how to line them up in a row


I took the horrible back button out and replaced it with a button that matches all the others


The high delivery costs, I am not sure how to get around yet as I need to cover what it costs me for delivery


The recover cart sales add on - is that good to have then for my site


I dont send people emails to find out why they cancelled the process of buying on my site, i guess I should be really


Thank you for the advice



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Put the free delivery image into your footer or somewhere.


I see that you have added the previous next add on. I think in the latest version there are better images for the buttons but i may be wrong.


Recover cart sales is excellent at seeing who dumps carts and can, if the customer responds help you to see why they dumped the cart.


I did say your delivery costs were high. To be honest i looked for a small item. For a large heavy item they could be reasonable. Have you thought of using the royal mail add on.


I have just noticed that the layout on the shipping page changes towards the bottom.


Does your site comply with the new EU cookie laws which came into effect to day. I think not as you use google analyctics code. You should look into this.


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I saw a google analytics eu cookie add on


I better get that, aint up for getting done


I will look into the royal mail add on as well


I got the recover cart sales add on and looks really good and sent the customers emails asking if they would send some feedback as to why they abandoned their shopping carts

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I think I did the google analytics eu cookie regulations add on right but not sure really to be honest


Could you have a look for me, if not could you help me with it as dont understand it that much to be honest


Thank you



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I Put this code in the template_top.php page



<script type="text/javascript">

$(document).ready( function () {


gaKey: '<?php echo tep_output_string(MODULE_HEADER_TAGS_GOOGLE_ANALYTICS_ID); ?>',

geolocate: false






It said to add it in but didnt say where so I just added it in the template_top.php page, is that right


Sorry for another message

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I found this site that kinda does it for me, I just had to put in my url for the privacy page and my google analytics id and it generated the code for me


I did that and put the following code in the footer.php


<script src="http://www.geoplugin.net/javascript.gp" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="/includes/4.1.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">//<![CDATA[
  introText:'<p>This site uses some unobtrusive cookies to store information on your computer.</p>',
  fullText:'<p>Some cookies on this site are essential, and the site won\'t work as expected without them. These cookies are set when you submit a form, login or interact with the site by doing something that goes beyond clicking on simple links.</p><p>We also use some non-essential cookies to anonymously track visitors or enhance your experience of the site. If you\'re not happy with this, we won\'t set these cookies but some nice features of the site may be unavailable.</p><p>By using our site you accept the terms of our <a href="http://www.irhmedia.co.uk/privacy.php">Privacy Policy</a>.</p>',
  position:'left', // left or right
  shape:'diamond', // triangle or diamond
  theme:'light', // light or dark
  countries:'United Kingdom' // Or supply a list ['United Kingdom', 'Greece']
  function ccAddAnalytics() {
    jQuery.getScript("http://www.google-analytics.com/ga.js", function() {
	  var GATracker = _gat._createTracker('UA-19643731-4');


I thought a popup box would appear though asking the user to accept the cookies or not


Have I done it wrong somewhere





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2 cookies;





I was not told about osCsid, which is obviously OK.

You do need my permission for the other one, which is your livehelp function.


Whatever you have installed to deal with cookies and permissions does not work with javascript turned off.

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@@ianhaney I have looked through your site a bit today and here are my thoughts. Please understand this is not a personal attack against you and I am not going to sugar coat anything here, which isn't productive anyway.


1. The header feels unorganized and has lots of open space which basically just takes up page real estate without adding anything of value to the customer.

2. The logo looks very amatuerish and is HUGE

3. The links in the header Home, New Products, FAQs etc... have that strange effect on them which is more distracting than anything.

4. The graphics and images are pretty terrible and very inconsistent.

5. The footer just feels empty and then it has those two social icons which don't match.

6. The previous and next buttons on the product page are more prominent than the add to cart button.

7. There is a bunch of extra space on the right side of the site, which I am assuming is from some incorrect html somewhere along the line.

8. Several html errors mostly involving tables and divs

9. Clicking the Queen's banner on the index page just reloads the page and seems to clear my cart as well

10. All that text on the index about creating an account and signing in should go, instead maybe have some good SEO copywrite there instead


There might be more things that I missed but that's what I noticed for now. My suggestion at this point would be to start over again from a fresh install, have someone that knows what they are doing design the site and logo for you, and then you just run the shop. You probably have wasted countless hours attempting all this yourself when you could just pay someone a reasonable fee and have it done quickly and correctly. If you really value your business you have to see this is as an investment.


Also, since you had the link to your "sister company" on the site, I have a few comments on that... If you are going to sell these services and cannot even get basic html done correctly, it's just insulting. You should NOT be taking money from people to design and develop their sites when you cannot even get yours done correctly and professionally.


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