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Possible to input prices in one currency, but display on page in another?


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I administer an Australian web site that also has a New Zealand branch.


We used to have a NZ distributor who administered the NZ site and handled the sale of our products from there.


Recently this has changed and now all products are being shipped to NZ directly from the Australian operation.


The issue I am trying to resolve is this: We have exactly the same product range being sold in both countries. Our prices on all products are in Australian $ (A$). On the New Zealand website, we would like to use the same A$ price list, but have the prices shown on each NZ page in New Zealand $ only.


Basically, I would like to be able to set prices on the product page in A$, but have it displayed on the viewed page in NZ$.


The exchange rate fluctuates a lot between the 2 currencies, so the ideal scenario for us is to be able to use the same A$ prices on both and have the displayed $NZ prices updated across the NZ site automatically, simply by changing the conversion rate at a central point


I know of a module that will automatically display other currencies and handle the above quite well, but the catch is we would like to show only NZ$ on the viewed page while inputting $A on the admin page!


Hope someone can help with this one!


Thanks :)

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Thanks for your reply, Chris - I was more than expecting that answer! :/


When you say custom coding... how big a job would this be? I'm no guru at anything programming-wise, but I'm wondering if it would be worth commissioning or seeing if one of the geniuses on this site fancies a challenge!


Alternatively, is there any way to increase / decrease prices across an entire site by a percentage? An exchange rate fluctuation could be worked out to a % and then applied?


I suspect this is a similar custom-code thing, though!


So... I guess, last resort is either manually changing the entire sites prices every now and then or hoping someone on here likes the challenge of the custom-code thing! Would love to hear from you if you do!


Thanks again!

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