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The e-commerce.

you guys have a spammer and a scammer


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So i just recently recieved an email from Support@.com from a name kaylan. This person had a subject line "Enquiry from The Arcane Haven"... a nice attempt to look formal and everything... a happy little email address that looks legit except I have never been to oscommercecoders.com. I most certainly not on this site nor any other put in an enquiry using a contact us form or anything else. Private messages and forums only...


so this person who is advertising to work on sites also doesnt appear registered on this site. I search Kaylan for members. 5 came up mostly as guests one banned.


Now why is this a scam? Oh i dont know if someone was legit they would have an account here and woulda messaged me directly here rather than syphoning off my email which shoulda been invisible except to admins... gotta check that setting... anyways there ya go just so you all know this person is out there.

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These guys have contacted me as well a while back, what they do is search for people that post questions and are looking for help, then offer their so-called developing services. A desperate enough shop owner will accept their "help" and that's where the problems start. I have fallen for that myself in the past though not with those people. I don't know what those specific people are worth workwise, but personally I do not trust someone that contacts me that way.


My advice is ignore that kind of message, and if you ever hire someone to work on your shop, make sure it's one of the reputed developers that post here. Also, check out the commercial support area to get support from known and reputed oscommerce developers.

~ Don't mistake my kindness for weakness ~

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Exactly isabella and this is why I posted it for everyone to see. I myself have never fallen prey to such people mostly due to my time spent online and training in cyber securities and psychology. However I can say I recently had a less than happy investment with a certain company it was not a total loss as it did bring me valuable knowledge which was the knowledge I most certainly desired. Woulda paid less for it had I known the details but it still works out in my favor and so I am happy.

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