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Newbie with questions


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First, I hope this is the correct place to post this. If not, i apologize and if you could point me in the right direction it would be great. Ok...I am not a developer. I am a business owner with a online website that does mainly drop shipments. Once i am notified from my website that i have an order i just have to go in and click a couple buttons and it is sent to the correct distributor and they fill and send the order. My web address is www.extremeventuresnv.com if it would help answering any of my questions or giving me any advise you might have. I have about 120,000 items on my site which are all updated automatically every 15 min. I currently use eprocessingnetwork as my gateway. When making a payment you never leave my site. I was looking at magento and after speaking with them i was informed that i would need to go with there enterprise edition ($1000/mo) in order to do what my current site requires due to the fulfillment aspect of it. The company i am with currently is outdoor business network. Im not real happy with them which is why i am looking to possibly go this route. Im just not sure what can and can not be done with a oscommerce site. I have read review about this being easily hacked. Not sure what that means exactly. so i guess first...can this fill my requirement for electronic fulfillment, can you have live shipping quote options, would i have full control over SEO (editing urls, adding google analytics etc.), I feel like i am very limited on what i can do on my current site and everytime i ask them it seems like it is an add on and they want to charge me. I hope someone can shed some light on all this for me. I dont want to have to make a new website every couple years if i can avoid it.


Thank you,



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That's a lot of questions. I'll do my best, but I don't know everything.


1. Drop shipping can be handled by the Multi-Vendor Shipping (MVS) addon.


2. Automatic updating of products would require some custom coding. Other people have done this, but I'm not aware of a stock addon that does this. This may not matter if you're looking at going with a different supplier.


3. I'm not familiar with your gateway. You might want to look through the Payment Modules section of the addons.


4. Old versions of osCommerce have security vulnerabilities. The current version does not. Still, security is your responsibility.


5. There are addons for SEO. Google Analytics is a stock module.


6. osCommerce and the addons on this site are free to use. There are some commercial addons available that you would have to pay for if you want to use them. You can install addons yourself or pay someone to do that for you.




See my profile for a list of my addons and ways to get support.

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