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Getting ready to build new store

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I will soon be building a new OSCommerce store, version 2.3.1, and would like some insight please. I am planning to use the following add-ons : 1. Simple Check-out 2. Easy populate. 3. Log-in Box. 4. discount code 5. products monitor 6. Modular Front Page 7. Previous & Next Buttons for product Info. 8. Theme switcher/roller 9. F. Connect for Face book 10. Shopping Cart

I am fairly new at this and was wondering if I should install these in any certain order, and if anyone has any suggestions for other add-ons. I will not be loading any product until all add-ons are installed. I did that on my current store and semi-crashed it doing a couple of add-ons, I want to do this one correctly the first time.

Any ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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I personally would not bother with the login box. The functionality is already in the store using the buttons at the top of the page.


As to the order to install them, i would choose the hardest and longest install first as you then stand a chance of overwritting the files and not having to manually edit all the files.


You also seem to be forgetting to add seo addons.


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If I were you I would do any kind of checkout (i.e. Simple Checkout) last. Only because that way at least you have a store with the add-ons (customer side and admin side) that you like and if the checkout add-on has problems you can restore the backup (from before the checkout add-on) and be ready to open.


Simple Checkout still seems to have a few bugs in it, from what I recall (I stopped looking into it), you might want to check the thread.

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Here are the contributions I have on my 2.3.1 shop so far.


Header tags


enhanced contact us

security pro

featured products


Product Sort Order

Cross Sell

Information Pages Unlimited


Master_Password for OSC 2.3.1

Auto Backup Install V3.0 for 2.3.1




spiders.txt (Jan 3 2010)

Who's Online Enhancement for 2.3.1 - FIMBLE May 27, 2011





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