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Changing text colour in boxes


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Hi there, I have been playing with the CSS of my website, and have changed the colour for text in the side boxes. The thing is it only changed the headers and contents of some boxes, not all..



What I want to know is why not ALL of the text has changed colour. Can somebody please help me out?


Thanks, Sammin

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I'm using version 2.3.1 and in the style sheet at:


.infoBoxContainer {

font-family: Verdana;



.infoBoxHeading {


padding: 2px;

font-size: 11px;

background-color: #666666;


I added "color: #000000;" underneath each section, and it only turned the text black in some boxes, but not all of them.

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for the infobox headings use


#columnLeft .ui-widget-header, #columnLeft .ui-widget-header a, #columnRight .ui-widget-header, #columnRight .ui-widget-header a{color:#f00}


For the info box contents use


#columnLeft .ui-widget-content, #columnLeft .ui-widget-content a, #columnRight .ui-widget-content, #columnRight .ui-widget-content a{color:#f00}


Alternatively you can go and create a new theme using themeroller and set any colors you want right away

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Thanks for the help with that, it has sorted the problem I had, although there is another.


The product filters, e.g Product Name, Manufacturer etc. are still white, I want them black also. I want black text everywhere on my website and can't figure out how to do it.

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The general text color is usually defined in the body in your css


It could be that the <select> have an other special rule, it's impossible to say like that.


I guess you have a template, text is not white usually, can you say your url?

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