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The e-commerce.

Question for language


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I created my shoppingmall .

I have several questions for this oscommerce.


My shoppingmall is www.newzealand-healthproduct.com


1)I want to add as Korea lanaguge version.

How can I add korea.php ?


2) How can I show & add notice board or customer enquiry board in this oscommerce?


3) When customers pay some product, I want to show paypal & bank cash information for payment method. Paypal is showing now. However, How can I show also bank Cash information (for example, bank name/bank account owner name/ bank account)?



Please Help me.



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1. You need to check the addons area if there is a Korean translation available. In case of not you need to do the translation your self

2. What do you mean with "customer enquiry board"

3. There are several payment modules preinstalled (admin>modules>payment, on top there is a button "install", click it to see what else is available and install whatever you need) There are more modules available in the addons area. Depending on what you want the bank module to do, you could maybe just change the wording of the cash on delivery (cod) module

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2. What do you mean with "customer enquiry board"


I assume that they are looking for a way to let customers and potential customers confidentially ask questions about their products, and receive private answers. This is a "customer support live chat": http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,872 that might be updated for 2.3.1, or modified to email a query. In fact, you could probably just reuse a page such as "privacy.php" and modify it to show a form that emails a query. Don't forget to add the new page link to a front page "box". Think about using a CAPTCHA or other anti spambot measure to reduce the number of spam "queries" you get.


Search the Add-ons page... there's probably been something like this already written.

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