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The e-commerce.

PHP 5.3


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My domain has been move to a server running PHP 5.3.


An now I get an error that says:


eregy() has been deprecated


Any solutions??

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I have the same problem. It is an older oscommerce and I'm not sure what version.


Does it look like this will work with this mod?.


Pretty much a standard site I am told - none or few changes


Here it is here





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It is hard to say which version you are using but you can take a look and compare the deprecated code. I suggest doing a back up of your files before you proceed.





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Most of the "deprecated function" warnings can be taken care of by changing the function names and adding delimiters such as / to the search patterns. There will also be some "session" related stuff that the add-on given should handle. See http://us.php.net/manual/en/migration53.deprecated.php . If your current osC is old enough (and running on PHP version 4 or older), you may run into problems with register global variables being needed, and long array names (e.g., $HTTP_POST_VARS) being missing. There are other add-ons available to deal with these. Finally, don't forget to apply the various security patches for oSC 2.2 -- there are lots of exploits out there breaking pre-2.3 sites.


If your current osC is very old, you should seriously consider a fresh install of osC 2.3.1 (the current version) and import and upgrade your database. This should not be too difficult if you don't have a lot of add-ons or custom work. It will bring you up to speed on PHP 5.3 and MySQL 5 compatibility, making it easier to upgrade later to PHP 5.4 (coming soon!) and osC 3.x (when it eventually is ready). If the amount of work would be overwhelming (due to extensive add-on usage and customization), you'll just have to keep plugging away at all the deficiences until it's working and secure!

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