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MMB Manager (Module,Boxes and Menu Manager) [Support Forum]

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Forum Support


Is tested only for 2.31

This Add On adds a Green/Red Status Icon in Modules List to enable/disable Modules on fly. (All Modules, Including Shipping,Payments,DashBoard, etc etc)

It includes a List where you can see Boxes Position (Menu Manager too)

This Add on is a base part for project like Menu Manager (Beta is included in this file) and many others related if i get time.



Mainly Born to quick display Menu with the status flag

**** Menu Manager



Menu Boxes included are Hard Coded but can give you an Idea how your menu would display

I divided in V.1.1 (coming soon) in DEMO (hard Coded) and OSC (works on fly)


If you make your own Osc Coded Menu Box for this Add On please Share it.

Name it as: mb_menu_nameofmenu.php


I will update the package as soon I receive your file



This Add On add a Link in your Admin Modules Boxes.

As Boxes Modules it display Status Flag and Position.

You can Make your own menu , install the module and see how will be the result in your Site.

You can add as many menu as you want, enabling and disabling on fly for a quick result or leave as your final menu.

Actually it works good in Header Position (in future realease you can choose Left,Right,Bottom or wherever)


You Need to install mmb-manager-1-0-css_images.zip

which include images for menu


Screenshoots are included


Link AddOn MMB Manager: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8437


I already added working Superfish and Horizontal Menu (OSC coded) got from the respective add on in contributions

I will update as soon i have time


Pls let me know if you find some problems and let me know your opinion

Wouldn't be nice to have a lot of menu to choose from?

Thank you

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Posted version 1.1

MMB Manager

V1.1 Fixed Status Flags Now should works correctly, added description in languages files


MMB Manager Menu Manager V 1.1 Beta

Added Superfish (OSC) Menu, Horizontal DropDown Menu (OSC), Template (DEMO) Menu

Made changes to some descriptions, added credits, separate (DEMO) Kwicks,Jimg, Megamenu to be single separate download file

*(OSC) Coded for Oscommerce

*(DEMO) Hard Coded just for display

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Hi, I'm really interested in your addon. I'm sorry I could not have tested the first release due to resource-constraints, but can you confirm if the new release is beta or not?

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I confirm!

It's a beta version at least Menu Manager.

Both are standalone tough.

I guess, but im not sure...,that you can use MMB Manager (base).(works fine for me)

It enable status flag for modules

Unfortunately...I have very few time to play with it.

Now I'm trying to convert some nice menu for OSC.

I found Slide Drop Down Menu that is very interesting.

Almost all OSC coded but i still have some issues




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Slide Drop Down Menu (OSC) Coded working for Oscommerce


Its a very nice 2 level horizontal menu (main category/subcategory).

Remember: doesnt works with more than 2 level.



MMB-Manager -Menu Manager- v.1.1



For Description (see instructions ):


You can test and use without it but for a full working menu you need to have

an additional Field in Categories table for the description.


You can use this Addon:



3 Modules are provided

mb_menu_slide_down.php (OSC no desc)

mb_menu_slide_downdesc.php (OSC desc) You need the Addon or an extra field 'categories_description'

mb_menu_slide_downhtags.php (DEMO desc) You need Header Tags Installed



Screenshoot included


Link to download MMB Menu: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8437

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hi bob,


I just installed your addon, but I couldn't see any change in the backend menu

can you pls add some configuration note and how to use it with screenshoot,

many thanks in advance.



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