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Subcategory nesting level issue


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I have a store with over five thousand products in 157 categories/subcategories. I want to upgrade software and look of the store.


I have been trying to install the cat/subcat & products into OSC v2.x and am running into a major issue for me. I am trying to get this working on an internal server running Win7 & WAMP. So I have no link to post for reference.



I have at present 20 categories with 137 subcategories. The cat/subcat level that only go to level 2 work fine. If the cat/subcat level is 3 or more, I get a white screen when trying to view the subcat page in the center column. The cat/subcat levels show fine in the box in the left column, but shows a white screen in center when the subcat level 3 or greater is selected.


I need to get this working as some of the categories have subcategories seven or more levels deep. I can not decrease the subcategory levels.


Currently there are no products installed, all product tables in the db are empty as well. The same issue arises with or without products. I have deleted everything, including the database, and then installed a clean install of OSC v2.x and then just added the categories/subcategories only. Same problem, will not show subcategories three levels or below.


I have even tryed adding all catsubcat entries by hand thru the admin panel as well as by csv thru the easy-populate mod. Both methods have resulted in the exact same issue with the same subcategories.


The OSC code is a vanilla install with no mods installed. I have tried several different versions of OSC, as well, with the same cat/subcat issue.


I have searched all the forums here and several other sites for tips or tricks to try to no avail.


Anyone have any ideas what to try or do?

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I've got loads of cats and subcats, for sure 4 levels

see keukenlust.be/overig-serviesgoed-c-49_42_384_372.html


My navigation is custom (under the beta directory you find a megamenu with 3 levels)


I know mixing products and subcategories in the same directory won't work in a standard setup. Perhaps that is the issue, the number of category levels is not limited in osc


I do not use the responsive bootstrap version since i coded my responsive version earlier, but i have bought every 28d of code package to support burts effort and keep this forum alive (albeit more like on life support).

So if you are still here ? What are you waiting for ?!


Find the most frequent unique errors to fix:

grep "PHP" php_error_log.txt | sed "s/^.* PHP/PHP/g" |grep "line" |sort | uniq -c | sort -r > counterrors.txt

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The menu in the menu box in the left column works great, shows all levels with any problems. I can select every subcat and the links work, just get a blank page if the subcat level is three and there are more subcat levels, if the subcat level stops at three, the page works just fine. The problem is in the subcat menu that shows in the center column just won't show at subcat level three and more. There are no products in the store.


I added all cat/subcat and products to all three versions and have the same issue with no stray products.


I get no errors when using error reporting/tracing software for firefox, logs show no errors as well. The only error I get is in IE 9 which is a javascript error related to the wysiwyg editor, error doesn't show in firefox though.


I have now tried OSC v2.3.1, v3.0.2, and the OSCMax latest version.They all do the same thing with the same subcat level of 3 and greater. With OSCMax, I get the header on the blank pages, with OSC v2.x/3.x I just get a blank page. If subcat level ends at three then I get a normal page showing header, content, and footer with no errors either with or without products.


I am using a Toshiba laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate , 8gb Ram, and a 1tb harddrive. I use WAMP Server for development. The WAMP environment is tuned for max performance with all settings set to the max that is allowed by apache, php, and mysql. OSC will be installed on a dedicated LAMP server, so I can set it up how I want with no restrictions, WAMP mirrors the current dedicated server environment.


I use Firefox 12, and have IE 9, Chrome, and Opera installed as well. I get the same thing in each browser, blank pages at subcat level three and greater.

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