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paypal express checkout not working in osc 2.3 one page checkout


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Hi ,


I have create a website in osc 2.3 , i have used one page chekout structure . All thing are working properly but the main problem occuer regarding payment .I have activate paypal express chekout , when we select paypal express chekout payment method , it goes to paypal but when i click on pay now , it redierct to chekout page agagin . No payment are detected or no oder are placed.Cash on delivery payment method working properly.


When we have disable one page chekout it working properly and payment are also detected from my account are also placed properly.


So please provide me a solution for one page chekout . If any one have all ready occuer the same problem they sugest me any soltion reagrding this.


Please chek the http://rainbowfashiongallery.com.au/




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I have never used one page checkout but I am working on a smart checkout and have the same issue. It is because of not sending the data which paypal needs. Perhaps it is the same issue with one page checkout? I am working on a solution for smart checkout. But I am very busy with other stuff at the moment.

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Hi Strub,


Thanks for your quick reply. I am also looking in it but not find any proper solution . If you find any solution for this please reply to me.

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check if you get sth like that on onepage checkout if you choose paypal:

&--#60;input type="hidden" name="cmd" value="_xclick" /&--#62;&--#60;input type="hidden" name="item_name" .......

But way longer is the code


in order to work this data must be send


if not there is missing a lot of things:

next check for:


this should be paypal_standard or paypal_express


next check if that is set at the right place:

$payment_modules = new payment($payment);



if you not getting the values such as shipping adress and so on above in the hidden fields:

check if this is set at the right place:

$order = new order;

you can search in checkout_confirmation.php for the right place

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