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The e-commerce.

where do i find my web files so i can basically copy it to a new web provider?


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Use your FTP client to access your hosting account server. Copy all of the files and directories onto your local machine while maintaining the structure. Also, use PHPMYADMIN to copy the database to your local machine.





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Look in whatever directory (folder) your store starts in (typically, /catalog, which will be something like /home/ACCOUNT/public_html/catalog/ or similar, in the full server path). FTP everything from that level down to your PC, preserving the structure (most FTP clients can do this with one operation). Transfer in binary, unless you are changing from a Windows server to Linux, or vice-versa (images will be binary, while .php/.js/.css/.htaccess files will be ASCII/text mode). That will bring all your files over. Back up your database using phpMyAdmin (have it include code to create the tables) and download the resulting .sql file to your PC. When your new server is ready, you FTP all the files up to it. You create a new database and user, and import the .sql backup (you may have to FTP it up to the new server first). The ugliest part of the process will be to edit your two configure.php files to update domain names, installation paths, database name and user and password, and anything else which differs between the old system and the new. Since you apparently have no idea about any of this, your new host will have to lead you by the hand, or you can hire someone locally to do it for you.

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