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Confusion with 2 different versions of Authorize.net CC Aim


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I have the authorize aim module installed on one of our sites, and it runs perfectly.


I am now trying to install it on another site, and all the versions I find are using a different payment_aim.php file and I have not been able to get the module to work like I did with the 1st intall.


On my first working server, the module name in the includes/modules/payment is authorizenet_cc_aim.php. All the ones I find have a different file called authorizenet_aim.php. This authorizenet_aim.php is the version I am trying to install and cannot get it to work. Once I install the new files, mod the current files, and config the admin page, it doesnt work. It shows the CC info form, and not the option to choose CC payment via authorize and check/money order like I have installed on my working site. (note I had check/money order installed and working before trying to add auth),


I looked at the code for both those payment mods and they are very different. So I cannot use the ones from the working site since I don't know what other files are Mod'd.


On my working site, at the checkout_payment.php page, I have the option for:

Credit Card (Processed by Authorize.net)

Check/Money Order/Purchase order.


On my new site, I get now only get Check/Money Order. I do have auth set to Enabled, Live for both transaction modes, our login Id and trans key. I use Authorization for the trans method (all like my other working site).


The 1st working site is running OsCommerce osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3. The 2nd site is running OsCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2a.


If the version for the 2nd site is the issue and would require a major update to 2,3, then I cant install this now. The 2nd site is new and is getting a lot of traffic, and we cant afford to try to setup the new version, especially since we heavily change the design and look, and that alone would make the switch a major time effort.


Does anyone have the authorizenet_cc_aim.php. download link?


Any thought on this?




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Ok, I uninstalled this mod and new files and re-installed and re-mod'd the pages. It now accepts the CC and sends it to auth where it is declined (because I am using test CC numbers). This is great.


What I need to do now is it returns the data from the transact.dll array. How do I return a "your credit card was declined, blah, blah, blah?

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