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Article Marketing: What are best websites to write articles?

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My plan is to simply write one article a day and submit to the internet. I have an account with Ezinearticles.


I would like suggestions on what other FREE places to write short articles that would drive some traffic to my site.


Also, I follow Craigslist terms of service, and only run 1 ad every 2 days in a different city. Any ideas on how to put more ads out there?





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If you can write one article a day, why not set up your own blog? This is better to write article for yourself rather for other websites.


Best regards


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I am going to ad to Alex's post but also give more insight into articles. If you have a blog then this is the tactic to use.

  • Do some research on your topics or if you know what people are looking for on your site and for your bestsellers
  • Write down the main topic with sub headings - about 5 tips
  • Write a short paragraph on each subheading and the main topic - this is your first intro article
  • Publish it on your blog (if you decide to setup one)
  • Publish it on ezinearticles with 2 links in your resource box
  • Take each sub heading and turn that into a 5 point article - follow same process
  • Then publish on ehow, stumbler, reddit and a bunch of other social bookmarking sites (Spin the article to be different to ezinearticle one)
  • Setup twitter account and use that to communicate - dont market, talk and involve people

You can publish to a bunch of article directory sites but this will take time. I would suggest using submitarticles.com once you have about 20 articles that have been spun after submission to ezine. Then for the next 2 weeks or so use this site to publish articles on your behalf do one a day. This will automatically get distributed. Once you have finished with the distribution and can afford it carry on, if not close the account.


Either write the articles yourself or get them done at various outsourcing sites. IF you have about $200 spare you can get about 10 articles written and use the submission site for 2 months.


Pre-plan this before doing anything so you are clear on how you have to do this. I am adding a link to my article to give you an idea of how to format it and have the headline. I can get my articles approve in 2 days in general, the fastest is 1 day from submission to approval which can easily be done by following the guidelines.

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