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Upgrading-What happens to custom modifications


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I am on version 2.2, and thinking about upgrading. However one of my main concerns are the many, and very important, custom modifications I have been adding to my site during the last 6 years.

How does 2.3 and 3.x deal with this? They analyse changes? audit differences from original package?

How to transfer them without need of hours and hours of programming?


Thanks for your comments and advice,



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First things first, DO NOT USE v3.x. It is a developers release and not ready for production use.


Secondly, If you update your Rc2a site to v2.3.1 using the update guide found in the v2.3.1 download, that will ONLY cover the core code. All of the contributions you have added will need to be updated individually. So, to answer your question......You WILL spend hour and hours of programming to update your site to v2.3.1.


I personally find it easier to to create a NEW v2.3.1 website with the 2.3.1 compatible contributions needed installed and then just integrate the database. It is far less time consuming.




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It is possible to upgrade to 2.3.1 in the style/manner of an add-on, but I hear it doesn't leave the system in as clean of a state as does a fresh 2.3.1 install. E.g., the layout is still mostly table-driven rather than CSS. That would preserve all your custom work, at the cost of much manual finagling with the code where automatic updates won't install because they can't figure out where they are.


Really, you need to understand what changes you've made for custom coding (I assume you're not talking about simply installing standard add-ons). You need to understand what add-ons you have, and whether 1) they aren't already built into 2.3.1 (i.e., are still necessary for you), and 2) whether they have been updated for 2.3.1. Try a test install of 2.3.1 off on the side and see how it goes for you. If it turns out that it will be a massive amount of work for you, you may want to stick with your present store and just update it manually for PHP 5.3 and various security patches. It should end up almost as good for you as going to 2.3.1, at possibly much less work. But be sure to bring your security up to date and get to PHP 5.3 compatibility as soon as you can, and be aware that there will be less and less support (and add-ons) for 2.2 as time goes by.


You didn't say which version of 2.2 you're on, or what the present PHP and MySQL versions are. If it's MS2 or earlier, it may be quite a bit of work to bring things up to snuff. If you're on RC2 or later, there's still work to do, but most of the PHP-related work has already been done. If you're still on PHP 4 or MySQL 4, with MS2, you're in for a nasty surprise when your host springs an upgrade on you.

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thank you very much guys. It is clear that it doesn´t make much sense to make the upgrade at this point. It would be more convenient just to add, for now, the few functionalities I could have missing.


Thanks a lot.

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