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Another Weight related issue


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I seem to have a problem I dont know how to fix. I am using OSC 2.3.1


I use GRAMS as a unit on my catalogue. Some of my items in my store weigh more than 1Kg. I cannot enter values of more than 999.99 in the Weight field of the product.

If I enter 1500 for a 1.5Kg item, it saves it as 999.99. Values below 1kG work fine.




Any ideas please?

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Adjust your table rates to recognize all grams or set the grams as a decimal of one kilogram






(funny how Gotti posted the EXACT same question just yesterday)

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Hi Chris,


Thanx, I think I just figured it out.


I Went into myphpAdmin, and changed the field size in the PRODUCTS table to 7.0 from 5.2 . that solved it!!!

Quite proud of myself, as I know diddly squat about PHP, SQL, or code bashing.


learning alot!!


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