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Google Looking For Non Existent Pages .htaccess Issue?


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I found this problem today


Basically when Google is trying to index the site it is trying to index pages which do not exist


Here is an example of a 404 error from the logs


Google is trying to see this page *************.phpproduct_info.php?cPath************

There are thousands of examples like this everyday


Obviously it doesn't work and causes a 404errror


I have Osc_Sec installed and Kiss security pro but I am not sure if they are causing the issue


I am thinking it must be something wrong with the htaccess file but I do not know


So basically it some down to this


1. I have SEO URLs installed so why is Google trying to index this page?

2. This page is not linked to so how is Google trying to index it?


This is a major issue because Google cannot index the site, any help or tips appreciated


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SEO is working properly for you when you visit the site, presenting "nice" URLs, and they function properly to operate the site? That would indicate that your .htaccess file is working properly, at least for that part of it. Do you have anything in the .htaccess pertaining to USER_AGENT or HTTP_REFERER, that might be redirecting Google specifically? Are you really getting Google looking for a file and Query String .phpproduct_info.php?cPath=something or did you *** out too much of the message? Please give the entire thing, less your domain name (if you don't want to show it). product_info.php itself should be a filename, so why is it being tacked on to the end of another filename?


If it's just this one entry that's driving you and Google crazy, it might be coming from a botched link on some other site. In .htaccess, you could redirect it to somewhere else:


RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond  %{REQUEST_URI}  \.phpproduct_info\.php  [NC]
RewriteRule  .  /index.php  [R=301,L]

That should send any inbound traffic to this bad address to your main entry page, as well as scrubbing Google's index of this bad address (replacing it with index.php).


Of course, if that was just an example of many different bad addresses in use, and you can't find a common bad pattern to them (e.g., \.php[a-z]), we'll have to think of something else.

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Hi Phil


I think you have got it


All errors are the same format.


I found a referrer to a few of the links and I believe it is as you say, botched links on another site


Ill use your suggestion, I think that will stop the 404s


Thank you for your help :thumbsup:

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