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The e-commerce.

Change Design and add on


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Ok...i try to explain where probably some have already discussed.

I would like to change the structure of my OsC div and make all boxes tableless (UL/LI compliants) keeping the adding or removing system used.

I know that i can substitute all table with div or get something like superfish but too much work for me i guess and maybe im too lazy.

I would like to have a contrib making all those change .


I really dont like the container wrapper in OSC and his osctemplate and i dont like themeroller.

To give an idea about what i mean i would like to have


Header (menu,banner,box)

Body (col. left, floating center , col.right)


All without wrapper and with 960 grid


If you want to know how 960 grid works, please read the interesting and easy (for concept) to read 960 tutorial made by Gary (Burt)







If you want to understand the differences from the structure please go to multimixer blog




Read trough his tutorial (very interesting and well written) where you can find a link of the site referred by that tutorial.


Please check the structure of that site and you can compare with osc.(I used View Source Chart 3.05 Firefox Add on)

You should notice the difference.


He used his Commercial Add-on in that site which contain many interesting features.

I am interested mainly in structure tough.

Main question is...


Is there a possibility to have a single contribution in the future that have, product listing (colum and row) and categories in UL/LI-DIV, all boxes without table and a structure based in 960 like as i explained.

Just like any contributions but all in one.

That should not be invasive.


I Hope I was clear (Sorry for my english)

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Thank you for replay


I know that project but seems is stopped at the 2.2 version :(

I have 2.31.

Altough 2.31 is much better than 2.2, is still missing (in my opinion) in some fundamental features.

I can achieve almost a perfect web site, adding a tons of contributions and some tweaks (thanks to all community) but i think we can do better for designers (im not a designer but i understand what could be helpful for them or at least for novice designer)

To give you an idea, I created an OSC base where I have already installed 35 contrib in my my test site without touching core display files (categories,product listing,index,boxes) . My intention is to split my osc base adding important contributions at the end (depending of customer request).

This is my idea:

The better way could be starting with a better 960 structure (why that wrapper?) where u can put dynamics boxes (tableless) in every part of the grid.

Having categories and product listing, and Boxes (tableless) where u can choose to be displayed in dynamic UL/LI/DIV/P.

For example: There are nice menu around that u can use either in UL/LI or DIV... a well structured BM Boxes could be useful changing only variables inside after creating a new one (more or less like superfish ,mega,menu). Then maybe could be easy adding a new menu (Horiz or Vert).

I had the opportunity to see the code of Multimixer Commercial Add-on. I'm not here to recommend something commercial but concept worth to seeing. He is in the right path and has the best template system around for OSC231 even if im not a Template lover.

I started with OSC just 1 month ago and I learned a lot from his blog (thank you)

Some concepts could be straight integrated in OSC base (at least for 960 grids and the way of his boxes works)

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