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The e-commerce.

anyone here use os commerce store manager?


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Whats the bet its mainly a collection of osC add-ons, I've seen sites selling add-ons before that are free here.


Be interested to hear how it works out for you though.



Remember, What you think I ment may not be what I thought I ment when I said it.




Auto Backup your Database, Easy way


Multi Images with Fancy Pop-ups, Easy way


Products in columns with multi buy etc etc


Disable any Category or Product, Easy way


Secure & Improve your account pages et al.

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really nods...so its a program that lets me run the store from my laptop without going into the admin panel? and how is the addin products to the store work? is it smooth and quick?


i am interested. i still have hundreds of items to add to the store from this excel sheet so im looking to save some time here.


give me some pros and cons if you can...


also, does it work with mods/addons we add to the site from here or do i have to purchase the addons there to make the software work with the store mods? and is it working with 2.3?



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It uses a sql connection and has its own user interface. It manipulates the store directly through SQL. Cons is you need to learn how to use it, pros is it makes things easier and quicker once you do.

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It has some add-ons support. Some add ons like SEO stuff really aren't applicable to the store manager they just do their thing. Add-ons that are more applicable are things like better together, x-sell, etc. those require continual-updates and what not, and are supported in the store manager. Things like extra product fields, work just fine because of the SQL interface it just retrives the columns and shows you their values, and you can edit them directly through the sql interface (GUI).


As far as extra info pages.. well I haven't seen much more ability then a WSIWYG editor for product pages. So I can't commet to much on that.. The extra pages I have made I've done myself and once their done their done... I don't need to continually mess with them.

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