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imventory ID in email


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I hope this isnt too stoopid a question as we kind of newbies to PHP, but all we want to do in theis products.pho gile is to simply email the buyer with the product ID insterted into their the subject or the boudy of the text.


We are at a loss to how to do ths, thogh %s almost lookee promising!


Any helpgreatly apreciated...


define('TEXT_MORE_INFORMATION', '<br><i>For more information, or to request missing pics please email us with the above Inventory # at <A HREF="mailto:[email protected]?subject=Extra Information On Book&body=This email is to request a pic or additional info on # (please copy Inventory Number here) "><u>[email protected]</u> </A> <br>



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Yes, I would think so, but just dont know what to search for.


I was hoping there would be a simple variable I could put in the email subject, but I do not have enough knowledge of PHP to be able to find it or create one.


Being that the text is part of a Global Variable might put some limitations on it - I tried running some PHP scripts there, and they did not seem to work. work


The contributions when searching for 'email order' and 'email item number' mostly deal with order forms. I am interested in an email link on the Product Details Page allowing a customer to request additional pics or information on the item, and automatically putting the product-id (SKU) in the subject line.


Just by using an HTML link in the /english/product_info.php as

define('TEXT_MORE_INFORMATION', '<br><i>For more information, or to request missing pics please email us with the above Inventory #  at <A HREF="mailto:books@[member='myshoplive'].com?subject=Extra Information On Book&body=This email is to request a pic or additional info on # (please copy Inventory Number here) "><u>books@[member='myshoplive'].com</u> </A> <br>


Works, but is an inconvenient hack. I would like to have that inventory number there in the subject line.


For some reason %s yields a complete link to the pic (or blank) which includes the item number. However I cannot get that on the email link as it truncates past the first ? in the url. If there is a way of putting that in the body of the text it would be a slightly better hack.


The way it looks so far is that I have to figure a way to add a complete form to the bottom of the product_listing.php page with close to zero PHP programming experience!


(This forum works better with my glasses ON!)

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Thank you for the link.

In searching i did find something similar, and added it to the shipping module.




That is not where the problem lay.


Most of the code that is out there is for filling out a complete form by the buyer.

The buyer enters, name email as part of the purchase process or even for other functions like newsletters.

The info is sent TO the CUSTOMER.


Here, I am looking for something that is basically the opposite.

I need something that will pull up the customer's email client, insert TO: myshop@@MySitesOnline.com, Subject: Item # and possibly Item name (the number is more important), and perhaps a few optional lines in the body, Such as 'please send pic for the above item' - to minimize the effort of the customer.


Customer clicks on link, email client fires up, and in the simplest scenario the customer just hits *SEND*


With my current code the above scenario works exactly like that *except* that I need to simply get the item number (order number, SKU, etc) *INTO* the subject line or the body - and preferable as part of the HTML anchor tag!


I cant seem to parse variables in there - perhaps because its just that I do not know how: I am not much of a programmer.


If I can get that stage working right I would like to add a second link on that PRODUCT_INFO page, that would be in the identical format, along with the result being an email automatically generated from the USER's EMAIL client to me (With item number and possibly additional info requesting a *PayPal* invoice). The only difference being it would not be a request for a pic/info, but rather for a PayPal invoice.


I am a bookseller and shipping matrices can get iincredibly complicated so I am trying to encourage buyers to get actual shipping rates as well as a discount, rather than going directly to the PayPal checkout where I am forced to put outrageous prices on heavy items for International buyers (if it cant fit into a flat rate envelope or is over 4 lbs).


Kinda like:


Please click HERE for additional pic or info


Please click HERE for PayPal Invoice with exact shipping and 10% discount. Domestic Media Mail will not exceed $3.50, which will include multiple orders. International orders marked *HEAVY* and all Priority or Express orders *must* use this method (Priority/International must also include destination Zipcode/Country).


Ideally these can be doone through mailto: links!

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