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Paypal and orders

John David Turner

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I have just made my first sale but noticed 2 things that I can't figure out:

1. The amount I received in Paypal is not the same as what the price shows on the site - roughly 10% under. The item is displayed at Euro 564.30 Paypal sent me the transaction for Euro 558.66. I have no specials so I'm wondering where the Euro 5.64 went? This is besides the commision Paypal deducts. I try adding the item to the cart and the price is correct - I proceed checking out and all is correct. How did that guy get an additional 10% off ?

2. I have no trace of the order in my admin panel - yet I have the customers' details ok.


Can anyone help me out ?



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Have you set up a return url within your paypal account, so after the payment is made the customer returns to your site. Your other problem may be related to the currency you accept on your site and paypal converting from one currency to another. I fell for that once.


There are lots of posts on the subject of order details not being received once paypal have taken the payment and a search can help . Have a look at others problems and see if the replies cure your problems.


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I accept payments in GBP, USD and EURO. The customer bought in Euro, the invoice was in Euro and I got the crefit in Euro - no exchange rates involved. But what surprises me is the missing amount corresponds exactly to 10% - is there a further Paypal comission or another one somewhere else ?

As for the order, thanks for your advice - I'll check my paypal account and read through some other posts to see if I missed something.


thanks again

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