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Wepay Oscommerce Plugin Offical Thread


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step5 is where i originally goofed. i didn't create an account in wepay. therefore i had no "account id" to put into the OSC admin section. the part in bold is the "account id". the other settings for the module come from the "your apps" section. (go to developers link from main page). here you get client ID, client secret, and access token.



Client id, client secret, etc have really nothing to do with your clients. That stuff is your API Credentials provided by Wepay. When you register an App with Wepay, you will receive that information. You will get that information on both the staging and production site, both will be different. So when you run production, swap out the staging client id, client secret, etc for the production ones.

Keep in mind, staging means its running but your not actually charging anything. You can run a million credit cards thru there and you will never see a dime because staging is another way of saying testing.

Production means your API was approved on Wepay’s end and your ready to start charging cards and collect the funds into your live account.

If you haven’t already, do this to setup your staging account. To setup your production one, follow the same steps except, go to http://www.wepay.com and NOT staging.wepay.com. You will need to register for an account on both sites. They are considered seperate from each other. Doesn’t matter if your registered to the live site, you still need to register to the staging site.

1. First you will need to goto https://stage.wepay.com/developer. That is the staging site, which means you can run as many transactions thru it for testing purposes only. You have to test your code in the staging environment before you can go live!

2. Once you register on the staging site you will need to go to the developer section again, click on “Your Apps”

3. Click on “Create an application”, fill out all the fields, and hit submit.

4. You now have registered a app with wepay, which will give you your client secret, access token. (Make sure you copy this information to the plugin.)

5 . You will now need to create an account you want your money to go into. Click on the “Home” link at the top of the screen. This will bring you to your account home page. You can ether use an account you have created or create a new one. In this case I will use one I already have, so click on the one you want to use.

Once you have clicked on it, in the address bar on your browser will tell you your account number.

Example: https://stage.wepay.com/group/view/

Copy that number you have in your browser, you will need it later.

Let me know if you couldn’t get it.

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lol jesus....is it looking right at me!!!! i looked at the screen shot...


Get Started Now!


First thing: You need to open an account to hold the payments you receive.


i need to make a account right? lol wat a fuggin shmuck

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OK NOW IT WORKED! wow....i feel like a putz. it was printed right infront of my face the entire time.


that 5th step i was skipping and just looking at my address bar for the number....not having the account to send the money to actually created....that is a very weird setup. im gunna have to snoop around more on this wepay idea lol....


damn i feel stoopid lol...anyone need me to setup their payment gateways just let me know and ill refer someone else for you lol

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Sorry guys I was away for a bit. I'm beyond ecstatic for Gotti!!! You got it, I knew it would work!


If you think I need to clarify my tutorials let me know. I haven't made time yet but I will try and post a how to video to hopefully prevent missing a step.


Let me know how it goes for you guys! I'm very happy your both up and running now!!!

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doing some SSL test...


i notice that when checking out with SSL enabled, and the payment is made and the auto return happens, the address has a pretty bit of code at the end of the html...




without ssl it doesnt have that it just has checkout_success.php


is that going to matter if i have SSL enabled or not with payment processing? i went directly to checkout_success.php before payment was placed and it didnt record the order until i actually paid for the item in the test run....


so will it matter if SSL is enabled?

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i also have the google checkout IPN installed. inside that package there is a way to add these extra areas to the order page that lets google send back the order number on their end so i can reference the payment if i need to. it also provides me with the verification that payment was actually made properly.


your mod is sending me the order number in the comments area....


here is the link to google checkout...http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5157 if you unzip and go into the extras folder you will see the modificaiton we have to make to have that extra little data show on the upper portion of the order details page i have address screenshot for reference.


can your mod do the same thing instead of putting the payment number in the comments area maybe place it in that field and i can just change the name to payment order number or something?


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issuing a refund did not update the order status marking it as refund. i did see it update the captured memo though...04/17/2012 01:40:06 Processing Payment captured - Wepay


if there is a delay or something with actually processing the payment...google chcekout ipn does a call back on all steps and has order status's auto update the order...from payment made, processing, then payment complete....


if its the same with wepay maybe you can make this mod have those similar settings? i would suggest checking out the google checkout ipn and maybe the paypal one. i dont use paypal....but the google one does work well still for 2.2 and 2.3 when setup right and its going and you will see what i mean with the auto update of the status of the order and the options in the payment module on the admin side

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“checkout_success.php?osCsid=56sdv56454615v56w1v51dv - without ssl it doesnt have that it just has checkout_success.php”

That will not effect it at all. So having SSL will not effect it.


Orders do not register on all cases unless payment is made, even paypal’s plugin works that way.


As for having another field for the order id, I could. The reason that is there is for the IPN to search for that order and then update it when the payment is captured. If it doesn’t take much time, I see if I can make a custom version and send it to you so you have the order in that extra field. Keep in mind it still needs to be in the comments for the IPN to work.


Never set it up to post about refunds, I was just about to roll out another version that has that in there. I’ll see if I can get to it tomorrow.


Wepay’s API has a small delay about 1 to 5 minutes. I setup the IPN to only update the order when its captured. The new IPN coming out tomorrow will show all the other stuff, payment made, payment processing, and captured. Right now its just captured.

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cool deal. the options similar to google checkout isnt that important. the mod is working fine without problem now that i figured it out....


the only issue is that the walkthrough on how to setup needs to be made much clearer. the wepay.com website is very basic at first. it just seems you do alot of clicking to get where you gotta get to. and you dont know really where you have to go...


with this mod to be successful the instructions need to be setup much better on how to go from staging to production.


other than that im happy with it and ill be registering for a full account on wepay soon.

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Thanks Gotti!!!


I love comments more then anything and I'm going to post instructions on my blog plus I will fix the current readme file with new instructions.


I think when I get to making a video tutorial it will make it much easier. Hopefully I get a chance to do that soon.


I can see the confusion, I wanted to get it to the public fast so I wrote up what I could in a rush to get it out.

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with the order being stuck in "pending" on wepay's site- is that why it still says pending is oscommerce? i'm a little confused as i come from the paypal world. when a paypal payment is made i have funds immediately. wepay seems to be holding the funds which leaves me in a pickle. do i ship product or make my customer wait 2 days? if it were paypal i would ship same day.


thank you apinnt for the nice mod. i'm ready to try version 2!

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Hey Ndamico,


Well Wepay's IPN is a little bit different. When I wrote it I wrote the IPN to not update the order status till that status is set to "completed/captured".


Now from what the guys at Wepay told me, was that in a pending status, the funds are in your account, But they are manually reviewing the transaction to confirm its not fraudulent.


I can write it to update when its pending but the new update will pretty much do that already. So plan on the next update being the fix for that.


The new version will update the status as soon as the payment is made to payment made, you will have the option of whether or not you want to wait till its completed/captured before you send your product.

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