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Is there any documentation for the new modules in 2.3.1?


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As I go through the new modules in the admin area (2.3.1) I cannot find any documentation to explain the new modules and what the recommended settings are. For example: In the admin area: Modules > Header Tags > Click on Install Module > Choose opensearch.


My questions to myself are:

What benefit would this module be to my shop?

If I did decide to install it, what are the recommended settings?


I tried to search for documentation on this but no success. Anyone know if there is a document that gives an overview of the module?



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You can try looking through the documentation/knowledge-base at: oscommerce.info

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Did you read the documentation.pdf file that comes with osCommerce 2.3.1?





I did. It only refers to the modules in 2.2. No reference to the new modules in version 2.3.1. For example no mention of new modules like social bookmarks, header tags (referring to the admin area), action recorder. etc.

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You need to google for Opensearch and understand what it is.

Then know that you have a ready made module for it...


Yes Burt. I'll do that. It's still a bit odd that there's no overview of the new modules. Don't get me wrong. I accept that everyone need to go through a learning curve and put some study in to educate themselves but an introductory overview of the new modules for new users would be very helpful. Maybe it was just an oversight since in the pdf documentation for version 2.3.1 there is reference to the modules in 2.2 but no reference to the new modules included in 2.3.1.


I'll go ahead and google opensearch.

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