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borders problem


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On the following link below, I want to get rid of the second border line, I only want one border around the categories names, its perfect at the top, left and right but the bottom has two lines for some reason, how do i get it so that only one line is there like the top, left and right sides




Please help


I have tried adjusting the borders in the stylesheet but didnt work


Thanks in advance



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I can see that you have a <div class="contentText"> (which defines a border), and within that you have a <table> which is a bit shorter than the div. The margins and padding are all 0 in size. I don't know why the table seems to have its own border, but there is an extra <br /> after the end of the table and before the end of the div. That would account for the extra line space. Did you add the <br />?


Maybe that will give you a clue where to look next. You should have a tool such as Firebug (for the Firefox browser) to see the HTML tags and the CSS in effect for each element.

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Hi Phil


Ahh thank you so much, it was that <br/> that was caused that extra line space


I took that out and is perfect now, its exactly how I want it, thank you so much


something so simple as always the way lol

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