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what to do with a inventory of almost 2000 products


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i am opening another store that has about 2000 items in it. lots of the items are the same name, just have a different flavor to them, or size. its such a huge database of items...


problem that im having it i have to look for each items picture and description and category it will fall under.


those 3 things are killing me. its taking way too long to get 1 tem listed. somewhere around 3-5 minutes each item.


any ideas if there is a shortcut here? im not using antributes, which i think is a huge mistake. should i use attributes if the items are same name but different flavor or size?


ideas are welcomed. thanks.

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You can use Easy Populate to import in products from a csv/excel file.


You can of-course also simplify it a bit by using attributes for flavors/size, so you much lower number of products to add images/descriptions to.

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ya i did the easy populate. that was very easy. took 20 seconds and i was up and running. BUT none of the products will have images because i have to get them still. then the issue of the descriptions. i have to put those in also.


i know i can put descriptions in the excel file to upload, but i still have to check and make sure it all looks right at the same time.


and teh attributes im stuck with because each flavor has its own sku....so by making more pages of the same type of item with different flavor i can use the sku code and make the cart bigger than it actually is....but its soooo time consuming.


what work arounds are there if any with the description issue? how can i add it properly to excelt and havea successful format look? i think its not possible. there is just too much to do. i might just have to do 1 at a time and once its all done then ill have the master export where i can just export it, then upload it to wherever as i see fit. but once the master store is setup it might be the easiest way to go about everthing because of the large amount of data i need to reference.

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It doesnt matter which way you chose to do thism it is going to take time to get right. My only suggestion to help you with the product descriptions os to download a free html edditor where you can paste the text and it can then be copied as html, which you can then paste into your descriptions.


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if you have a lot of similar products you could generate the products description in an excel cell from different columns.

for instance, i have done that in the past to describe similar items in a consistent way where I specified for instance size, color, designer, year of the collection etc ...

if you then decide later on to add some more info, you can add another column in excel, modify your formula (concate function), save the xls, then save the result as text, and overwrite your existing data with it.

it allows you to make your descriptions better and better ...


if it is worthwile or not depends how much your products are alike of course ...


my initial population started from a lot of basic pricelists and inconsistent naming, I had an excel with synoniems / standardization terms and some macro's to do the grunt work


excel and easypopulate is still my preffered choice , though special characters and embedded html codes can give some strange results, also you are limited in field lenght in excel


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I've always just used a spreadsheet, save each table as csv file, and import it directly to my db (including image links, options, attributes, etc.). With products that have literally thousands of attribute combinations each, this has been the only feasible option for me. In fact, I don't even have the products page in my admin because I don't use it.


Could prove to be a timesaver.

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